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Imagine an entirely
fictional social network

The Sideway Experience

Sideway brings your fictional worlds to life through a custom-built simulated social network, where every profile belongs to a fictional character, and every interaction is scripted.


Our unique mobile experience blends short video content with social media interactions (scripted texts, comments, likes) to create a uniquely immersive custom app or microsite with ongoing engagement.


The Sideway experience creates a world for the audience to explore and spend time in. Our innovative format significantly reduces content production costs.

Augment your Traditional Content

Social media is great for finding an audience for your movie or show, but once you have them, why are you sending them back to engage with your content on social media instead of staying in your world? When your audience is done watching your content, give them a place to continue engaging with the story!


A Sideway production leverages your existing (costly) content by creating a low-cost high-engagement experience, bringing down your overall screen-time cost-per-minute. Give your fans a place to geek out about your world and get to know the characters better through their off-screen private lives and backstories.


Use your Sideway app to:


  • entertain your audience before, during & after your content streams

    • give them something to watch between episodes or seasons

  • increase mobile engagement through daily notifications

    • every scripted social interaction is an excuse for luring them back to your content

  • test out new characters or plot lines

    • introduce new ideas with little risk of disruption, elevating what works best with your core fans

  • promote sponsors and brands

    • ads feel authentic without having to find costly influencers (just create your own – it's all scripted)

Experience It Today

Sideway’s showcase production Hartley tells the story of six high school seniors navigating their first week in college, dealing with the complexity of isolation, virtual relationships, and sexual expression.

Led by a cast of 12 actors, 75 extras, 400+ background profiles, and featuring 3000+ images and over 5 hours of original video content.

Got a Story to Tell?

Sideway's innovative technology can be used to create your own fictional social network as a branded standalone app, microsite, or hosted on our platform. To learn more, say hi.

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