About Sideway

Sideway is a new streaming service where shows are presented within a live social network, but where every profile belongs to a fictional character portrayed by an actor. Once you enter a show, you land inside a rich, simulated environment created specifically for the show, and the story is told through the characters' social media interactions.

The narrative is expressed via video chats, direct messages, pictures, videos, “live” streams, video diaries, and other original formats. While the audience isn't part of the main plot, you experience it through an interactive social media app where they can choose what they want to see and where they want to go.


About Hartley


Our first original title “Hartley” tells the story of six high school seniors navigating the post Coronavirus world, dealing with the complexity of isolation, virtual relationships, and sexual expression through social media role playing. The first part of the show is told over 5 consecutive days where our characters deal with the new college life and their relationships with each other.

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